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Junk Removal in Winter Park, FL – 407-477-6651

Are you looking for junk removal rates in Winter Park, FL? Our junk removal service provides hauling in your local area, and ensures you receive the best junk removal prices and service. Truck loads are based on 14 cubic yards and up to 2,000 pounds of debris. We offer two rates depending on where the rubbish or debris needs to be removed from. Rates include dump fees provided the junk removal is less than 2,000 pounds. Junk removal is offered 7 days a week throughout Winter Park and cities within Orange County, Florida. For house clean outs outside and storage units outside our service area, additional travel fees may apply. Call 407-477-6651 or email for details.

Did You Miss Bulk Pick Up?

We remove unwanted bulk pick items such as TV's, appliances, furniture, and other large bulky items. Call us today for a free estimate!

Junk Removal Rates

Pricing Table

  • Minimum charge for junk removal $95
  • 1/4 load........$195
  • 1/2 load........$295
  • 3/4 load........$395
  • Full load.......$495


Winter Park Solid Waste Programs

For more information on Winter Park's solid waste program and sustainability please visit:

Winter Park, FL - Local Junk & Debris Haulers

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