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Embracing its tagline, “building the future together,” the small town of Oakwood, Georgia has plans to redesign the town in the next 15 years to be connected throughout by greenspace, nature trails, and a parkway. Supporting this goal of environmental stewardship and improving residents’ quality of life, Junk Trash Removal is a licensed and insured company ready to take care of your junk removal needs in an environmentally responsible way. The company serves Oakwood and surrounding towns in Gwinnett County, removing junk loads both large and small, including single-item hauls. We are committed to offering you the best price guaranteed, and will match or beat any price quoted by competitors.

Junk Trash Removal will haul any non-hazardous waste from residential or commercial sites including but not limited to TVs, computers, other e-waste, exercise equipment, clothes, and yard debris. We will also do foreclosure cleanouts! We haul using a six by 12 foot trailer.

In our efforts to keep the environment clean and your junk out of landfills, Junk Trash Removal donates or recycles at least 60 percent of all the junk and trash we remove. We also offer after hour services until 8pm on weeknights.

Rates: Daytime Hours 8am-5pm Monday - Friday and 8am-8pm on Saturday

  • Quarter-filled Trailer……… $80 (minimum)
  • Half-filled Trailer…………...$160
  • Three-Quarter Full………...$240
  • Full Trailer………………….$320

What We Haul:

    • Furniture
    • Household items
    • Appliances
    • Metal
    • TVs
    • Construction Waste
    • Computers
    • BBQ Grills
    • E-waste
    • Brush
    • Branches
    • Lawn Mowers
    • Boards
    • Windows
    • Clothes
    • Garage Junk
    • Storage Unit Junk
    • Exercise Equipment
    • And more!

Call Junk Trash Removal today and let our haulers remove your unwanted junk today!

Free Junk Drop-off

Hall County Landfill

Free Recycling Drop-Off Center in Gwinnett County!

  • Drop-off center open 24/7
  • Cash for cans program so you can earn money for your recycled cans!
  • Donations help Gwinnett Clean and Beautiful's schools and fund a full time teacher