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Top 10 Junk Removal Blogs On The Web Today

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It seems every business today has a blog – even junk removers. In fact, some junk removal blogs do a great job of posting updated content regularly. The content can be as simple as junk hauling photos and helpful how-tos, or as involved as the posts on how to start your junk removal business. One has even created an infographic about the junk removal industry. With these great resources available, we thought we would compile a list of the top ten junk removal blogs so you could get your fill and learn everything you ever wanted to know about the junk removal industry.

  1. 1-800-Got-Junk Blog - The grandfather of junk removal services, 1-800-got-junk has been blogging about junk removal longer than any other business. The first blog post was titled “The Zen of Junk” and was published on November 9th, 2009. The blog has since blossomed into a resource of interesting topics and PR updates. Worth checking out if you want to know what the leader in waste is doing.
  2. College Hunks Hauling Junk Blog - College Hunks Hauling Junk employs university students from around the US, and is well known for TV appearances on TLC’s “Hoarding: Buried Alive”. Their blog mainly focuses around happenings within the business, but is a great source for inspiration on building a junk removal business around entrepreneurship and philanthropy.
  3. Junk King Blog - Junk King has been blogging since January 2010 and has an extensive list of topics ranging from stress release to Spring-cleaning to e-waste. For everything junk removal, their blog offers up a vast range of invaluable information.
  4. 1-800-Junk-Relief Blog - With monthly blog posts, 1-800-Junk-Removal is an excellent place to brush up on junk removal basics and best practices. Although they only post once a month, their posts are detailed, highly technical, and helpful to anyone in the junk removal industry.
  5. San Diego Junk Removal Blog - Fred’s Junk San Diego is focused on low-priced junk removal. They have several articles on getting rid of unwanted trash and junk for relatively cheap, as well as disposal of common items such as couches and mattresses. For junk removal businesses focusing on a cost leadership strategy, this is a great referral point.
  6. Advance Junk Removal Blog - Based in Atlanta, Advance Junk Removal offers tips on a variety of waste-removal scenarios, from cleaning up after a large party to clearing out junk debris. Their posts also provide strategies for specific situations, which makes it a great blog to check out if you’re just beginning your endeavor into the world of junk trash removal.
  7. Junkluggers Blog- Junkluggers provides eco-friendly junk removal for several locations on the east coast. Their business began small and has expanded over the years, as has their experience in the industry. Check out their blog for a variety of topics and advice surrounding ‘green’ junk removal.
  8. 123 Junk Blog - 123 Junk was started by a college graduate who is noted by the Washington Business Journal as turning “junk heaps into gold mines”. Their blog is very business-centric and has some great posts that focus on building the customer-business relationship.
  9. Junk Dawgs Blog - A junk removal company owned by firefighters and veterans, Junk Dawgs takes a unique approach to their blog. Most posts are in question/answer format, which may provide useful information to owners of junk removal businesses. Chances are, you too will receive similar questions at one point or another, so having an answer ready is crucial.
  10. Chuck It Junk Removal Blog – Brad Abbott, owner of Chuck It Junk Removal has been blogging since April 9, 2012. The blog covers a variety of topics ranging from political issues and junk removal awards, to hockey news and of course junk removal to-dos.

Keeping tabs on other business in the junk removal industry is important for both newcomers and experienced haulers alike. Reading up on blog posts from competitors is a great way to expand your knowledge and provide high-level service.

Tell us what you think of the resources provided in the comment section below!

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  1. Good info.. now get my blog up there 🙂

    Felix Soto, owner
    American Junk Solutions, LLC


    • Hi Felix,

      We would be glad to! And in fact, we’re planning a new blog post series and would like to include you as one of the featured haulers. Is this something you would be open to doing? If so, email us at info (at) and keep an eye out for some new updates from the JunkTrashRemoval® team.

      The JunkTrashRemoval® Team


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